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Before anything I am a man of God, a daddy, a husband, a family man, a friend, and a person just trying to do a good thing for people bro! I started Manhattan Exercise Co., because exercise is a pretty profound way to impact people. I've been exercising my whole life and believe that too many exercise services intimidate people from pursuing their higher selves. I also believe that exercisers are being taken advantage of by big box gyms and some (not so cool) sole proprietor personal trainers + yogis. Trainers + yogis are being exploited by gyms as they are being paid pennies on the dollar in training revenues + group sessions. My angle is to create something cool, inspiring, and people-oriented (for trainers and clients alike). I sincerely believe it is my calling in life to connect great people that happen to be experts in exercise + yoga with the people that need them. I'm not a trainer, but am surrounded by a team of dope people and can most likely connect you with someone (or a few people) that suit your needs. As far as my professional background... I've been blessed with a solid experience at a few reputable institutions that have helped prepare me for this journey. Shoutout to Bucknell University (recieved B.A. Economics + met my Wife), The University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School (MBA in Corporate Finance + Investment Management), and  JP Morgan Chase (Personal Banker), Merrill Lynch (Financial Advisor), Barclays (Private Wealth Advisor + Equity Syndicate), and Stifel Nicolaus (VP, Alternative Investments). Please let us know if/how we can be supportive as you move forward with your exercise journey.

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