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Meet Crystal


Crystal takes pride in designing her clients programs based off of their own personal fitness goals and abilities. Working with clients of all levels, Crystal uses her holistic Health and Wellness coaching approach in order to reveal her clients best versions of themselves and helps to reveal their true potential. However, don't be fooled by her calm demeanor as her strength programs and circuit style workouts will leave you sweating and push you past your comfort zone. Outside of her client sessions and classes, Crystal finds great importance on continuing to expand her education on updated Fitness theories as well as Nutrition which is a great passion for her


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Education |  BA Fashion Design, Fashion Institute of Technology

Certification | NASM Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Training, Post / Pre Natal Exercise, Tabata Bootcamp GX, Schwinn Certified Spin instructor, IIN Health and Wellness Coach


Specialities | Weight loss, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training 

TidBit | As a former Fashion designer turned personal trainer, Crystal takes great pride in being relatable to her clients who have embarked on a fitness journey. She has previously competed as a Bikini Competitor in the NPC and has since become an advocate for Wellness and Health in the Fitness world.


Philosophy | We all have our "Why". Once we discover why we have embarked on a journey of health and wellness, we are able to truly evolve our lifestyles to reveal our best selfs.

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