Lead Trainer + Dietitian

Meet Ms. Cadillac 

Lauren is a registered dietitian, personal trainer and national bikini competitor. Her client focus includes weight management, hypertrophy and body recomposition.  She practices and encourages meditation and mindfulness as an additional element to a lifestyle transformation. The mental exercises in tandem with the physical workout routines (and diet) is how Lauren helps her clients reach their goals. Her clientele ranges from new gym go-ers to physique competitors. With her optimistic nature and passion for what she does, Lauren is able to create a unique and trusting relationship with her clients in order to assist them in reaching their highest potential. Whether she is creating a diet plan or designing a workout routine, Lauren takes great pride in what she does and ensures her recommendations are based on the individual's goals and preferences. 

LC's Role

As a  Lead MECO Trainer, Lauren is responsible for managing relationships with MECO Luxury property partners and residents in the Hoboken and Jersey City region. She is also a member of the MECO Matching Committee; Where she Helps review client/ Prospective Client Program inquiries in order to ensure that the client is connected with the most suitable trainer(s) on the team.   

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Education | Studied Nutritional Science, Penn State University; Dietetic Internship, The College of Saint Elizabeth


Certification | ACE (American Council on Exercise), CPR, Registered Dietitian, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, and ViPr 

Specialities | Weight Management and Body Recomposition. 

TidBit |  Following graduation from Penn State, Lauren was accepted into a competitive dietetic internship program through the College of Saint of Elizabeth where she completed 1,200 hours of supervised practice. Following her internship she began working at an acute care hospital and helped patients with a variety of health conditions including those in critical care, on dialysis, with diabetes, renal disease and tube feedings.

Philosophy | I am that I am. 

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