$1,800.00 (Price) 

$54.00 (3% Processing Fee)



$1,854.00 Total Price 


MECO Solo Training | 20-Sessions | $90 Per Session

  • We ask that clients notify MECO of any need to reschedule at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled session by contacting the MECO Trainer or emailing MECO. Failure to contact MECO may result in session loss. Clients that are offered a trial session will be permitted to notify the MECO Trainer that they would like to cancel their program immediately after the trial session is completed ("MECO Grace Period"). If after the MECO Grace Period, the client cancels the program before completing the anticipated number of sessions, any refund will reflect standard pricing applicable to the number of sessions completed, partially completed, or scheduled and cancelled with less than 24-hours notice. Any exceptions will be made available at the sole discretion of Manhattan Exercise Company, LLC. All session dates and times are subject to postponement based on the availability of the MECO Trainer or Yogi.Please contact info@nycmeco.com with any questions.

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