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Six Points Exercise x MECO is an exercise engagement concierge providing behavioral change-based support for people that need help pursuing and maintaining better exercise and nutrition behaviors. Our Better Behavior + Exercise Support approach emphasizes attaining consistency by providing clients with personal "tracks" towards their vision. MECO provides professionals, programs, and ancillary resources that can help people capitalize on opportunities and overcome hurdles in pursuit of their vision.



Free to residents, MECO Fusion Group Exercise is a multi-mode approach to your community's group class schedule. Our network of curated fitness professionals possess a diverse array of personalities, talents, specialties, and interests. This type of diversity allows MECO to create "a la carte" experiences strategically designed based on your community's brand, demographic make-up, and interests! Whether Bootcamps, Cardio Boxing, Barre, Yoga, or Zumba (to name a few). We have great people to help run a well-rounded and dynamic program!


NOTE: All residents are required to register, and can join class at their leisure.  Once registered we recommend RSVP'ing for class to avoid exclusion. All classes are bring your own mat, towel, and water experiences for sanitation reasons.


Intense Training


MECO Fusion Exercise is a personal training program that combines traditional private training with related exercise support (as deemed necessary by your progress). In addition to working with a personal trainer we may recommend (or you may request to) use your sessions for different purposes like private yoga, boxing, nutrition coaching, and goal coaching. This approach gives us the opportunity to get to know what works best for you and what challenges need to be adapted to. Ultimately, it allows us to combine different modes of support as we work with you to determine what type of support is most helpful!



MECO Exercise Teams are designed to build consistency and camaraderie among friends and neighbors. This is a Trainer Share program where the MECO Trainer provides a semi-private small group exercise experience once per week. Exercise teams consist of 4-8 people who will meet regularly for small group semi-private exercise programming. We appreciate that trainers can be expensive! We also understand that some people feel lost and out of place in larger group exercise settings. This is why we've created our Exercise Team service, where clients work together under the more personalized supervision of their dedicated Exercise Team Coach!


MECO Food Help is designed to give you the tools to pursue your nutrition, weight, and health targets within the context of your daily routine, lifestyle needs, and food preferences. Along the way, we will provide you with a customized (7-day) “dynamic micro-meal plan” that will evolve as we get to know your unique food behaviors, hurdles, and considerations. As an important way to stay on track, you will develop a relationship with your personal Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who will meet you for regular video-conference chats to discuss your experience and to refine the plan. By working through your personal diet and nutrition considerations, our goal will be to help you develop a sustainable approach towards the food habits and lifestyle changes that you desire and are able to maintain.



MECO Lightwork is a bi-weekly 1-on-1 conversation with a MECO Goal Coach that will provide "higher self" targeting and accountability support to help you commit to what you say they want. The goal is to help empower people to make life-altering decisions through empathy, personal space, and SMART targeting. In order to set targets, we will begin with envisioning and bringing specific awareness to the areas of desire and opportunity so that we know what to pursue. From there, the focus turns to acknowledging current considerations that will impact your progress. Lastly, we will set a measurable plan to by establishing your goals and setting them into motion.

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